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Information System Audits

We boast a team of adept professionals who assist you with I.T General and Application Control Reviews. Our expertise spans across various networks, platforms, applications and database technologies. Our ITGC work covers amongst other doamins computer operations, change management and access management. By using internationally recognised and tested tools coupled with customised scripts we undertake robust tests across your ecosystem. Our certified and experienced IS auditors and consultants will help you streamline your information systems security, operations and governance by identifying control deficiencies and recommending practical actions best suited to your circumstances. We follow a risk based methodology thus ensuring that you can prioritise areas of greater risks. Our IS auditors and consultants are trained to ensure "commercial considerations do not override quality". By working with you we add value to your organisation, leave an indelible "Impeesa" mark of professional excellence and build lasting relationships. Find out more





Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

We have "Blue" and "Red" teams ready to help you plan (prepare), prevent, detect, contain threats and investigate Cyber and related incidents. With the advent of disruptive technologies and the data fluid organisation, the threat landscape has widened and become more ophisticated calling for experienced and innovative minds to work together with you to reduce risks that could result in huge compliance fines (PCI-DSS, GDPR, POPIA e.t.c) and may result in loss of trust by clients (reputational risk). We offer:

1) Vulnerability Managed Services (Externally or Outsourced to you).

2) Penetration Testing (Internal and External including Phishing Campaigns).

3) Information Systems Governance & Data Privacy (Strategy Development, Policy and Standard Compliance Gap Analysis - ISO27001/2, COBIT, PCI-DSS, POPI Act, GDPR, SOX ).

4) Forensic Investigations - Using state of the art tools and certified fraud investigators we maintain a controlled chain of custody in seizing, analysing a broad range of digital devices and help you join the dots. Find out more



Audit , Data Analytics & Training

Internal Audit and Risk Assurance: Our consultants and auditors are a game changer, they design tailored methodologies helping you review your systems, understand  your business processes, identify risks and assess the design and effectiveness of your internal controls and propose appropriate actions across manual and automated environments. We also help emerging organisations with Quality Assurance design and implementation in terms of ISQC1 and ISA220 as well as undertake independent quality assurance reviews. Find out more

Data Analytics: Data analytics is embedded in most of our servives including cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management as well as in internal audit. We use tools and techniques to clean data, analyse trends, tap into insights contained in your Big Data as well as build predictive models for our clients. Find out more

Training: We provide corporate and individual training in audit, risk, data, robotics and automation, forensics and technology. We offer accredited training at either our or your premises. Find out more




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